David Stricker Director, Expanded Learning

Kevin Rascoe EXPLORE Vice Principal
(661) 205-8995

Valerie Rodriguez Program Coordinator, Expanded Learning
(661) 340-1889

Lauren Cronk Program Coordinator, Expanded Learning
(661) 333-7974

Shelby Clark Recreation Specialist, Expanded Learning

Krisopher Albitre Recreation Specialist, Expanded Learning

Justin Devlin Site Manager, Standard Elementary
(661) 345-6823

Tracy Kisselburg Site Manager, Highland Elementary
(661) 343-4308

Jeffersson Vazquez
Standard Middle School
(661) 345-7950

Teresa Wyatt Site Manager, Wingland Elementary
(661) 378-4972

  • How do I get my student into Explore?

    • Please contact your school’s Explore Site Manager listed to the left to obtain an application. Each year those who are already enrolled will have first choice for the following year's enrollment. If the program is full your child will be placed on a waiting list.

  • How do I find out where my child is on the waiting list?

    • You need to call the Site Manager for your child's school (see names and phone numbers above). They will be able to let you know how many students are in front of your child for their grade level.

  • How often can a student miss Explore before being dismissed?

    • As long as students have an excused absence from the regular day, they have an excused absence from Explore. However, multiple excused or unexcused (more than 5) absences from the after-school program puts your child at risk of being dismissed. We want students who can benefit from the service as many days as possible. The decision will be made by the Site Manager after talking to the parents/guardians about the issues.

  • Can I switch my child to a walker on certain days?

    • Walkers must have signed written permission. Parents cannot call in permission for a student to walk. It is in the best interest of the child and the program for them to stay until pick-up time, especially after the time changes and it is dark earlier. Students who walk home miss some crucial enrichment time.

  • Why do we have to show ID?

    • For the safety of the students we check ID of everyone until the staff becomes familiar with the person who is picking the child up. If someone new comes (they must be on the list of approved people to pick up the child), they should expect to be asked to show ID. They will have to go back to their car if they are not carrying it with them.